Case Studies

Case Study 1

Large gas leak discovery > Property Manager engages their “preferred” plumber > gas leak not fixed > Property Owner asks Epic Inspections to rectify

How It Went Down

A new customer engaged Epic Inspections directly for gas safety checks after discovering his Property Manager (PM) was pedalling a compliance checks company with rip-off pricing. This property is in Melton. The customer shopped around and sure enough Epic Inspections was his prefereed choice.

One of Epic Inspections highly experienced gasfitters was dispatched to the property. Tenants kept the house in immaculate condition, but they complained of poor gas pressure in their cooktop. The gasfitter’s digital manometer gave the reading you see on the right. Over a 5 minute period, gas pressure dropped from 1.97 kPa to .87 kPa. Every appliance was isolated but the pressure still dropped indicating the leak was in the pipework. Gas supply was capped off as required by the Victorian Building Authority.

Longevity Isn't Always An Indicator Of Workmanship

The customer was given a quote to locate and rectify the gas leak. Naturally, the customer conferred with their PM who blatantly said – see, you were told to use our preferred company, you wouldn’t have run into this gas leak . Sure enough, the preferred company “fixed” the leak by replacing some seals in the hot water unit. The property owner was set back by a few hundred dollars and gas supply was reconnected.

Following up, the tenants were asked if the cooktop had healthy pressure. Big no! The customer requested the same gasfitter be sent out again.

The gasfitter checked with his analog manometer to rule out issues with the digital manometer. The analog device gave the same reading. Gas supply was capped off and the customer engaged the gasfitter to find and fix the leak.

Rectification - Happy Customer And Delighted Tenants!

With prior knowledge of the issues, the gasfitter was quite sure the leak was within the pipework. However, pipework runs from the meter to the brickwork, under the house and through its walls. The leak could’ve been anywhere.

The first leak was detected in piping near the brickwork because some weeds there were unusually dead compared with the ones around the area. Plants are sensitive to atmospheric changes with corroded pipework the reason. A section of the piping was replaced after the leak was confirmed with a gas detector.

The pressure drop was now much less than before. The Victorian Building Authority states allowable pressure drop is upto .25 kPa in 20L of piping. The drop at the property was .15 kPa making it safe to not need further detection. Gas supply was resumed and the cooktop’s flame burned brightly!

Case Study 2

Messy rental property. Mi Goreng noodles “obstructing” the gasfitter? Read on..

How It Went Down

A real estate agency in the Dandenong area switched over to Epic Inspections after repeated disappointing experience with one of Victoria’s “original testing and maintenance services providers”. You’d expect an “original provider” to have their stuff sorted by now, but that’s for a blog post at another time.

The provider couldn’t complete gas safety checks for the freestanding oven citing “obstruction in the way of testing gas regulator”. In essence, a pile of Mi Goreng was “obstructing” their gasfitter from doing what they needed to do. How a few packets can become an obstruction is beyond comprehension.

This was the last straw for this exasperated real estate agency who reached out after hearing of much more pleasant experiences other customers have had with Epic Inspections.

In this picture, the Mi Goreng is still there, waiting to be thrown into a pan. The gasfitter moved a few offending packets around to make room for a soapy water test and then a pressure test of the regulator as required by Rental Tenancy Regulations.

No leaks were detected and no Mi Goreng packets were harmed during this test laughing

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