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Superior work ethic, ambition, and culture help deliver A1 services levels to our customers.

We believe more money should remain in the pocket where it belongs – yours, not ours.

Values and Culture Fairness and Ethics

Mid-July in 2020, Manny got an email from a property manager about mandatory rental checks from March 2021. The costs listed on that provider’s brochure made his eyes pop. In 2 words, the costs were daylight robbery.

Why should rental providers pay for services they don’t need? Shouldn’t Gas + Electrical checks in Vic be paid only every 2 years?

Yet, hundreds of property managers and thousands of rental providers fall for crafty marketing showing a seemingly lower yearly cost. Come next year and they’re in for bill shock.

Epic Inspections was born in Nov 2020 to provide transparent services at fair prices. Money should remain in pockets where it belongs – yours. Not in the pockets of some price-gouging dinosaur of a compliance provider.

Here, no customer’s only a number, no job’s only a job. Every job receives the same attention.

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