Code Red – service for agencies

Compliance is difficult

March 2023 is approaching and Consumer Affairs is likely to start auditing rental rolls soon.

Code Red allows you to:

  • Reduce vacancy rates
  • Get actual PM work done
  • Focus on growing your rent roll
  • Not worry about compliance anymore
  • Not pay as much as you would to a dedicated PM
  • Start the service off with 1 day’s work
  • Not worry about non-compliance
  • 1 weekly, simple invoice
  • No lock-in contract

As with all our services, invoices are paid before work commences. This greatly reduces paperwork for you.

Non-compliance can be $55,476

Section 65Aa of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 says penalties of 60 units for individuals and 300 units for body corporates may be imposed on rental premises which do not comply with rental minimum standards.

According to Consumer Affairs, the value of 1 penalty unit is $184.92 for financial year 2022-23. This makes the potential penalty for individuals to be $184.92 x 60 =  $11,095.20 and body corporates to be $184.92 x 300 =  $55,476.

There are particular requirements for star-rating of appliances for energy efficiency. This is contained in Section 69 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

Sources: Consumer Affairs Fines and Penalties and Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

You can either wing it and hope for the best OR engage Epic Inspections and focus on growing your rental portfolio.

Service Inclusions

Code Red includes:

  • 1-2 days in your office to discuss deliverables
  • Full compliance audit of your rental roll
  • Automate all your compliance tasks
  • Custom mail outs to your RRPs
  • Enter in approvals from your RRPs
  • Update property management software
  • Training on using our compliance processes

Add-on: Ongoing compliance management freeing your PMs and BDMs up to meet KPIs and quota. Let them do what they do best – grow your rental roll.

You can continue to use your current safety checks provider for rental compliance for this service. You do not have to use Epic Inspections.

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