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There’s no absurd “low recurring annual subscription fee” or “initial setup fee” type BS here. With Detector Inspector’s fluffy “safer home plan” subscriptions, you’ll pay $416.90 plus GST in the years only smoke alarm checks are due. Don’t be their bunny.

With us, you pay for gas + electrical services only every 2 years. You only need smoke alarm checks every year. You also included FREE value in the form of replacement of upto 5 smoke alarms in each of your properties.

Every check’s done upto requirements in Rental Tenancies Regulations 2021. You must not fall for fluffy BS from other providers who say – oh, we’ll replace power points or light switches for free. First, their prices will already be inflated to cover their cost of doing this. Second, and more importantly, (on 24.3.23) Regulations don’t mention a fix-by date to replace power points or light switches. Read the last 2 sentences again.

No, there isn’t. This is completely unnecessary and no one should have to pay this. Don’t be a bunny!

Simple. Depends on the services you’re after. Services will be sliced and diced exactly the way you want them. Tell us who your Property Manager is, we’ll liaise with them, and get you going. Alternatively, if you self-manage your property, we’ll get you going.

Note, the Rental Tenancies Legislation says gas and electrical safety checks must be completed every 2 years and smoke alarm checks every year, regardless of how new a property is. However, if say your property’s occupancy permit was issued in June 2021, you don’t need gas and electrical safety checks till June 2023. This is because your builder should’ve handed you certificates of gas and electrical safety. We believe these documents also serve as accepted forms of proof of safety. For more information/clarification, visit: or contact Consumer Affairs via the methods of contact listed here:

As of 29th March 2021, over 130 new regulations came into effect for rental properties in Victoria. As part of these regulations:

All these checks must be completed by authorised tradespeople. Read more about these laws in this Victorian legislation.

From March 2023, a new wave of Regulations take effect. We term this “Phase 2” of Regulations. Things like mandatory switchboard upgrades kick in then. For more info, check out FAQs from EnergySafe Victoria here.


Free, unlimited callouts for beeping smoke alarms (from 8am to 6pm, Monday through to Friday). Public holidays are excluded, as is Dec 21st to Jan8th, every year.

We’re glad you asked. Epic Inspections is about transparency and doing the right thing by our customers.

Visit our T&Cs page. Alternatively, give us a call on 1300 000 160 or send a message via the contact us form.

With Epic Inspections, there will be never be surprise charges, guaranteed.

Some common scenarios:
– gas ignitors not working after checks. Please realise entry level appliances are prone to issues which fit the description “just not working anymore”. Gas burners/ignitors are in particular very finicky. Most such issues are found with “euro” appliances usually 5-8 years old or more. As long as the gasfitter deems the appliance is safe and can be lit with an internal ignition OR an external lighter, the appliance is in line with Regulations. We will NOT find you a replacement ignitor. We will quote to replace the appliance, upon request.
– we’ll usually always quote for fixes. If you source another tradesperson for rectifications, you MUST ask that person to issue you an official (ESV/VBA) certificate or a compliance report with their license number + name on it. That document combined with our compliance checks report should be enough to say your property is compliant with Regulations. If you need us to amend our reports, we will need to complete another applicable compliance check for a fee. No tradesperson can and will sign off on someone else’s work. This is against Licensing Regulations.
– you MUST make sure appliances, fittings or fixtures are easily accessible. If there’s heavy furniture, lots of clothing, fencing obstructs the way, we will NOT be able to check and test those appliances, fittings or fixtures. You/your tenants MUST make sure every room’s accessible. If a person refuses to let our tradespeople into a room/area, it will be noted as such on the report and a return visit will NOT be free to check that room/area.

P.s. please realise every possible scenario cannot be reasonably covered in T&Cs or here. Every appliance is different, it’s wear and tear’s different, your tenants are different.

There are no discounts for any number of properties. Our costs are already trimmed down and line you up precisely with current Rental Tenancy Regulations.

Good question. Here’s full transparency:

  • Upto 5 expired/faulty smoke alarms.

Should your property need replacements of say power points or switches or fuses, you will be sent a very cost-effective quote.

Again, current Rental Tenancy Regulations do not stipulate a required timeframe to fix power points and light switches.

Totally. Call us on 1300 000 160 or email


You can pay with

  • Stripe
  • Credit/debit card
  • Bank transfer (preferred)
  • Cryptocurrency (Only BTC, ETH, SOL, BNB are accepted).

At Epic Inspections, it’s all about flexibility.

Absolutely. Credit card details are never stored. Stripe, debit/credit card, direct bank transfer, cryptocurrency – the choice is yours.

You can ask your agent to pay for safety checks out of the next rent or you can pay when you make the booking. All works must be paid before works are carried out.

When you send us a job/work order, the system will generate an automatic invoice. The bookings team will enter the job into the scheduling queues. You can either pay the invoice yourself or get your agent to pay the invoice out of the next rent. The moment payment hits our bank account, the system will bubble the job towards the top of the queues. The bookings team will schedule the job with your tenants as soon as the tenants can be home. This results in much faster turnaround for you than you waiting months and months with “big name” providers. Essentially, payment’s due before the job’s done.

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Call us on 1300 000 160, send an email to, send a message via the contact form or reach out to your Property Manager and get them to contact us.

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