Safety Inspections FAQs


Why us?

We employ licensed TypeA gasfitters and A grade electricians with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the industry. This allows us to provide the mental satisfaction our customers are looking for while ensuring all safety works are completed to the highest standards according to Rental Tenancies Regulations 2021.

What package should you choose?

Simple. Depends on the services you’re after. We can slice and dice our services exactly the way you want them. Just tell us our your Property Manager, we’ll liaise with them and get you going.

What are the new rental tenancy laws in Victoria?

As of 29th March 2021, over 130 new regulations came into effect for rental properties in Victoria. As part of these regulations:

All these checks must be completed by authorised tradespeople. Read more about these laws in this Victorian legislation.

Is there a setup fee or initial fee?

No, there isn’t. You will see the price for year 1 is slightly higher though, we’ve seen it takes more effort and replacements the first time around to bring a property into compliance.

What if your property is brand-new/very new?

Note, the Rental Tenancies Legislation says gas and electrical safety checks must be completed every 2 years and smoke alarm checks every year, regardless of how new a property is. However, if say your property’s occupancy permit was issued in June 2021, you don’t need gas and electrical safety checks till June 2023. This is because your builder should’ve handed you certificates of gas and electrical safety. We believe these documents also serve as accepted forms of proof of safety. For more information/clarification, visit: https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/housing/renting/repairs-alterations-safety-and-pets/gas-electrical-and-water-safety-standards/gas-and-electrical-safety or contact Consumer Affairs via the methods of contact listed here: https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/contact-us


Do you want more details and the fine print to our services?

We’re glad you asked. Epic Inspections is all about transparency and doing the right thing by our customers.

Please visit our T&Cs page. Alternatively, give us a call on 1300 000 160 or drop us a message via our contact us form.

With Epic Inspections, there will be never be surprise charges, guaranteed.

Can you book your services directly with us if you don't want to go through your agent?

Totally. Just call us on 1300 000 160 and we’ll book your scheduled inspection in.

Do you get a discount if you own multiple properties?

You absolutely do. If you own more than 2 properties, a 10% discount will automatically be applied to your  invoice. If you own 4 or more, a 20% discount will automatically be applied.

Do you get free callouts?

100%. You always win with Epic Inspections. Here’s the lowdown on our free, unlimited callouts (from 8am to 6pm, Monday through to Friday) throughout the year (excluding public holidays):

  • Gas main line faults, gas pilot re-lights and thermocouple replacements.
  • Switchboard faults, circuit-breaker and safety switch issues.
  • Beeping smoke alarms.

Further transparency and clarity with regards to callouts: 

Inclusions Exclusions
Thermocouple replacements (otherwise $150/each + labour). Issues with tenant supplied appliances such as microwaves.
Pilot gas relights (otherwise cost $50 + labour). Faults with solar power systems.
Damaged PVC/rubber casing on external piping. Light globe replacements.
Beeping smoke alarms. General faults with electrical appliances
Power point and standard switch faults.

Power points and standard switches will be replaced during biennial safety checks only, if found faulty.

What's replaced/fixed within cost of safety checks?

Good question. Here’s full transparency:

  • Any number of smoke alarms.
  • Upto 5 items – these can be general and standard power points, light switches and circuit breakers.

Should your property need more, you will be sent a quote. To save on some costs (primarily to do with an electrician be sent to your property again), we’ll give you a call to get authorization to keep going with replacing as many items as needed.


How can you pay?

You can pay with

  • PayPal;
  • Bank transfer (EFT);
  • Cryptocurrency transfer (BTC/ETH/SOL/LUNA/BNB are accepted).

At Epic Inspections, it’s all about flexibility for customers.

When is payment due for your services?

An invoice will be automatically generated when your scheduled service is complete. The terms of payments is 14 business days from the day of the service.

Can you pay us directly?

Absolutely. Credit card details are never stored. PayPal, credit card, direct bank transfer, cryptocurrency – the choice is yours.

Need to talk to us?

Do you have questions about inspection services completed at your property?

We are keen on any feedback. Positive feedback keeps us pumped and constructive feedback helps us improve our services.

Call us on 1300 000 160, send us a message via our contact form or reach out to your Property Manager.

Want even more information?

Just give us a call on 1300 000 160, send us a message via our contact form or reach out to your Property Manager.