One-Stop Home Safety Service

One-stop home safety compliance inspections

.. is a complete solution to help Victorian landlords meet minimum requirements of Rental Tenancy Regulations.

One-stop home safety compliance inspections include:

  • Gas checks and electrical checks every 2 years
  • Faulty/expired alarms replaced for FREE
  • FREE callouts for beeping smoke alarms

You will get an automatic notification when the next checks are due. If tenant or property details have changed, let us know and checks will be booked with new tenants.

We’ll do no more and no less for precise alignment with current Rental Tenancy Regulations.

What Sets Epic Inspections Apart

With Epic Inspections, there is:

  • NO setup fee
  • NO annual subscriptions
  • NO contracts/agreements

All our inspection services are carried out by fully qualified tradespeople who keep up with changes to rental laws and legislation. Reports will always contain links to applicable standards and legislation so you know why you need rectifications.

We participate in Victorian Building Authority and EnergySafe Victoria events to maintain high levels of knowledge of the compliance industry.

Reports, invoices, and applicable quotes are available generally within a day of the service.

The Details - Inclusions And Exclusions

  • Smoke alarm checks every year
  • Gas and electrical safety checks every 2 years
  • FREE replacements of faulty/expired smoke alarms
  • 7 year digital compliance trail as required by legislation

Gas safety checks in Victoria must be carried out by either a registered or licensed gasfitter. A registered gasfitter’s reports must be signed off by a licensed gasfitter and the report must include accreditation numbers of both gasfitters. You should check their accreditation with the VBA.

LPG gas bottles and installations are part of standard gas safety checks. We do not service or attend to rooming houses.

Switch to Epic Inspections at $.00 cost and no effort
Step 1
We'll email your landlords
Ready-made templates sent asking for approval to use our services. There are no subscriptions, no contracts, no agreements. They can cancel at any time, like Netflix
Step 2
Give us login to previous portal
We'll move data over to us ensuring no safety checks are doubled up for your properties. We'll line up the next round of checks with your tenants. This is a $.00 service to you
Step 3
Switchover finished for you
You get to work on more interesting things than rental safety checks. All job reports and quotes will be in plain English. Applicable quotes will be automatically show up in the portal
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