Making The Switch

Resources 20 Nov 2020

Why you should do it.

Let’s take a step back and think about the scenario your Property Manager is pushing down your throat:

Hey, property owner – we’ve got this old compliance check company we’ve decided to go with for checks for our esteemed property owners. They’ve given us this amazing price of almost $700 for the 1st year and then almost $400 every year thereafter.

Look familiar to you?

If you agree to what’s being pushed down your throat, you’d be the person in the picture on the right hung upside down with all their hard-earned money shaken off of them! Don’t be that person.

What will blow your mind is the fact your Property Manager has actually agreed to pedal these old, dinosaur compliance check companies with their extortionate pricing and sub-standard service. It might even be time to change your Property Manager, not just your compliance checks provider!

Enter, Epic Inspections. <imagine bagpipes playing>

Now that we’ve played the scenario in your mind, here’s what you get with Epic Inspections:

  • Butter-smooth customer experiences at prices the industry hasn’t seen before.
  • Booking flexibility + the ability for tenants to be able to reschedule visits by our trades in multiple ways.
  • Tip-top workmanship and true one-stop shop for all your rental compliance checks.
  • Highly experienced tradies only, no greenhorns. Everyone’s been handpicked and background-checked.
  • 100% local support desk for all your queries. Just give us a call on 1300 000 160, we’ll look after you.

The icing on the cake is there’s very little work on your part to make the switch from your current inspections provider to us.

Switch! The time is now.

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