Greater responsibilities for property owners

The updated Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 introduced a large number of legal responsibilities on landlords to ensure safety of their tenants.

What these new regulations means for landlords

On the 29th of March 2021, over 130 new guidelines became law in the updated Residential Tenancy Act (1997) resulting in a significant increase in responsibilities and compliance obligations for Victorian landlords. Read through the full list of regulations at this link by Legislation Victoria.

When it comes to compliance with regulatory guidelines, rental properties in Victoria must undergo gas safety and electrical safety checks every two years by a suitably authorised and registered tradespeople. Smoke alarm inspections and compliance checks are also mandatory and must be carried out every year.

Epic Inspections is suitably qualified and authorised to provide compliance checks to its customers. Don’t rely on some no-name group with ridiculously low pricing. Do they even know what they’re doing? Don’t accept some old, dinosaur compliance company with outrageous costs being pedalled down on you by your Property Manager. At Epic Inspections, we give you a butter-smooth experience at very affordable and reasonable pricing. 

Tip-top gas safety and compliance checks by authorised and highly qualified TypeA gasfitters. Our biennial checks for gas safety only are $300 for 2 or more gas appliances and $250 for 1 gas appliance. Prices are plus GST.

Visit our Gas Safety Checks page for more info.

Thorough and fluff-free smoke alarm safety checks completed by licensed A grade electricians only. We don’t send out “technicians” that merely press buttons and go away. Price is $99/year plus GST.

Head to our Smoke Alarm Safety Checks page for more info.

Top-shelf electrical safety and compliance checks completed by highly experienced and licensed A grade electricians only. Our bennial electrical safety checks are $250 every 2 years. Price is plus GST.

Visit our Electrical Safety Checks page for more info.

Get complete peace of mind and coverage with Epic Inspections

Our true One-Stop Home Safety Package is available for $520 plus GST.  Free and truly unlimited callouts for faults across all our services. See our FAQs for details.